Article Processing Charges

Manuscript Type USD EURO GBP
Research Article and Review Article 519 487 415
Special Issue Article and other article types 319 299 256

Why Article Processing Charges?

Article Processing Charge (APC) is often a publication fee charged to the author for processing article. As crispus was not funded by any financial institution or organization,fees are utilized to cover charges associated with article process. Some of the charges used to maintain the article.

Is there any waiver or discounts?

There is no waiver or discounts available for articles which are submitted by authors. The Article Processing Charges does not vary based on length, color, figures, or other elements. However, the Article Processing Charge can fluctuate from country to country based on country economic status. For editorial members, the discount will decide by respective journal site based on journal category.

How author make payment?

The submitting author is responsible for paying the processing fee. The author can pay the fee through online (PayPal) only after when your manuscript is accepted for publication. Payment link will found in the invoice sent by respective journal site.

Article withdrawal policy

We will charge minimal percentage of Article Processing Charge as a penalty if author withdraws his article after article accept for publication.

Last updated on: 25th,May 2018

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