We provide a wide range of quality and standard articles that are published after a transparent peer-review process along with expert’s updations. In a rapid changing and developments in publishing, we are thoroughly adapting and developing new technology and services. By listening to feedback and suggestions from authors, editors and readers, we can make changes to better meet the needs of our research community. We are implementing non-peer review process to avoid delay in publication of generalized review/editorial/commentary articles which are not related to research work and clinical trials.


We aim to provide a wide and trustworthy pool of knowledge assisting authors to publish standard and quality articles and to construct advanced knowledge bridge between authors and readers. We aim to publish fast by our rapid review process to ensure the latest research is rapidly disseminated, using thorough, precise editorial work. We aim at representing the interest of Open access journals publisher by setting standards and bringing advance models to meet them and to make readers learn better. We aim at to get appreciated by millions of readers all over the world for our unbiased performance and quality output.


We wish to create a uniform platform to disperse knowledge equally to benefit the scientific community without any restrictions. We wish to accelerating scientific discovery by providing free and unrestricted access of global scientific knowledge via the Internet through open access.

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