Roadmap of Varying Trends in Biomedical Research

John Lenon E Agatep*

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Article Type: Editorial Article     Article Catagory: Biomedical Research: Current Trends

Received date: May 17, 2018; Accepted date: May 20, 2018; Published date: May 22, 2018

Keywords: Biomedical research, Biomedical studies, Trends


Evolving cumulative demand of biomedical studies drives those who are in the field and medical practitioners in sighting advances and understanding human health and disease. The research community on the other hand, has significant developmental and economic role to play, which further on gives fuels in training physicians and scientist investigators, and generation of new technologies and inventions to further address life sciences issues. With this noted importance, the nation as a whole should support varying trends, findings and inventions involving biomedical studies.

In view of continuing failures in health research, drug discovery and clinical translation over the years, a central recommendation to facilitate better understanding and representation of disease pathways at multiple biological levels and consequently improve development studies and inventions in biomedical research. Furthermore, using human-specific models and novel technologies can help deal with the uncertainty in biomedical research results due to the biological variation between species [1].

The roadmap of varying trends in life sciences is clear: to hasten pace of life sciences discoveries; more swift translation from laboratories to patients-end back; cultivate systematic scientific study approaches more effective than current ones; develop new strategies and inventions involving life sciences. Needless to say, that the demand of biomedical research will continue to grow in the next decade and hence a need to develop committed scientist to look out and perform necessary inventions and or preventions in the field. By adopting a strong strategic vision now, these will enable researchers to stand and be ready as future challenges and opportunities emerge. Current and future actions will be defined by the requirements of the needs of public health and scientific community of the nation.

The growing borderline and imminent of biomedical science is regarded as stimulating and full of huge opportunities. The idea is brought by the evolvement of basic science to clinical research and health services which marks impressive advances in biomedical and even in other research sciences in all areas of medical. Drastically, developmental trends will transform the manner of biomedical research. Though traditional structured laboratory and clinical investigations gears are still in used, it will be obvious that several technical and scientific breakthroughs will alter how biomedical research is conducted.

Moreover, all those accompaniments to the traditional research model are placing new strains on approaches in terms of internalization, mobilization and globalization. Progressively, researchers need to assimilate knowledge gained from theory-based research from applied-based studies and experimental design to figure out what works and what does not work, what is safe and what is not safe. It seems clear, therefore, that there will be a vital need for research on interactions on biomedical research, sciences, informatics, engineering and systems that is related to more effective treatment of diseases and improvement of quality of life, and to the enduring evaluation of deterrent interventions.

Increasing consciousness on the association between socioeconomic status and health disparities serves as new challenge as well as opportunities for research. The opportunities and needs elevate the issues of setting research primacies and defining appropriate limits for biomedical research [2]. Consequently, the ultimate aim of roadmap varying trends in Medical Research remains an international forum devoted to exchange findings of scientific research in the fields of medical science and to communicate such research findings to the world wide medical scientific community [3].

Using continuous inventions and studies in biomedical studies, researchers can easily conduct different areas of concern related to human health and disease. Essential instrument, procedures and inventions to yield medication, prevention, and better states of life institute key fronts and direction of biomedical research. These progressions are inconsistent, with which the exploration and the advancement in them are crucial to keep the intensity and to comprehend varying trends with biomedical studies to take a glimpse at particular advancement in the field of biomedical research.


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